The Rainbow Project


An investigation unfolds

One day, we were learning together at the table, a rainbow streamed through the window and projected itself onto the wall of our home learning space. This sparked much excitement for the girls. They had all kinds of theories about how the rainbow appeared (I knew it was because of the glass vase that sat in front of the window, but I didn't disclose that just yet!)

I decided to take advantage of their excitement and interest in this unintended provocation, and thought would be the perfect way to launch into an investigation about rainbows!

Prior Knowledge

I asked them what they already knew about rainbows, what they wondered about rainbows and they shared their theories about how rainbows form. Digging into prior knowledge is an important first step toward any new learning. Prior knowledge is like the "hook" on Velcro: any new learning needs something to cling to in order to develop new understanding.

Curriculum Mapping

Later, I began...

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The Reggio-Inspired Learning Space: Inspiration even if you're on a limited budget!


If creating a beautiful, bright and organized space for learning is on your wish list, read on!

In schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, the space that surrounds children is given a lot of consideration. It's not just about "decor" to make it look pretty, or "organization" of stuff. It's so much more.

The Italian word ambiente (amˈbyentē) is used in Reggio schools to describe the textures, the colours, the smells, the feel, the vibe you get when you enter a spaceAmbiente is so important, that the environment is considered the child's third teachein a Reggio Emilia-inspired world.

Why is so much attention given to the space that surrounds our children in the world of Reggio?

When we create an environment that respects children as learners and full of potentialthey in turn respect their environment and view themselves as capable, competent and full of potential. 

They understand that this is a place where they are...

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