Educators like you believe every child's education should include hands-on learning, wonder and joyful play.

A place where inspiring ideas, tools and strategies are curated for educators like you, to save you time and energy so you have more to give to those who need you most.

A place to connect with like-minded educators who struggle with the same challenges and obstacles, but who also want the best for their children.

A place to learn from mentors and guides who have been there before, who can offer insight, individualized feedback and inspiration without judgment.

A place where we teach differently, through a unique blend of  the arts and inquiry, sensory experiences, nature exploration, and purposeful play.


It's time to stand up for children and their rights.

It's time to lead by example, and be the beacon that shines bright in our families, schools and communities.

It’s time we re-imagined our learning environment, to reflect the values and habits we wish to instil in our students: responsibility, creativity, collaboration, independence, critical thinking, grit, tenacity and perseverance.

It’s time we band together, as a community of educators who want more for the children we serve, who want more freedom and flexibility in our practice, and more balance in our lives.

It’s time for a new way forward in education. A way forward that is rooted in a deep respect for children and their ideas.


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Introducing Artful Teaching. Joyful Learning.

A comprehensive play-based curriculum for the Early Years.

{so fun, your child won't even realize he's learning!}



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