The Reggio-Inspired Learning Space

Are you cringing that I used the word decor?

I dislike it too.

Ambiente (amˈbyentē) is a much better term, and encompasses so much more...

The textures, the colours, the smells, the feel, the vibe you get when you enter a space.

In fact, ambiente is the word used to describe the environment - the child's third teacher -  in a Reggio Emilia-Inspired world.

Why is so much attention given to the space that surrounds our children in the world of Reggio?

When we create an environment that respects children as learners and full of potentialthey in turn respect their environment and view themselves as capable, competent and full of potential. 


They understand that this is a place where they are honoured as artists and creators, and that learning is valued here.


When we think of our child's learning environment, what are some ideas that come to mind? How might we see the space through our children's eyes?

A quick little inventory and self-assessment may help to make some considerations about your space, to ensure that it is inviting, organized and aesthetically pleasing. These questions were inspired by the wonderful Mariah Bruehl of Playful Learning.

One way we can level-up our learning environment is through child-designed art pieces. Whether their colourful self-portraits are hung gallery-style on walls, still-life paintings displayed on easels, or mobiles hang from your ceilings; when we display the original, unique work of our children, they begin to see themselves as artists.

Bring colour, texture and beauty into your learning space is through these child-made rainbow mobiles

If you enjoyed this invitation to create, and would like access to the Joysheets™ to support and extend the learning, you can access them here.



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