The Sudden Homeschooler's Survival Guide: Part 4


Set it Up!

Okay! You’ve carved out a schedule for your day, now it’s time to sprinkle in the fun, meaningful learning activities {I call these “invitations”}.

Setting up an invitation requires a bit of prep, but the benefits are SO WORTH IT.

If you lay out the basic supplies needed in an inviting way, your child is SURE to dive in, and be engaged far longer

The kinds of invitations I'm talking about...

  • DON’T require you to be glued to your child’s side 
  • DON’T involve tons of pricey, scarce supplies
  • DON’T involve drill + kill worksheets that will turn your kids off learning.

These kinds of learning invitations are set up with your child’s many languages in mind {in Reggio we call this “the child’s one hundred languages” - meaning, kids express themselves in MANY ways: art, movement, music, sculpture, construction, drama… 

These invitations are meant to be FUN and hands-on {not worksheet-style!} with a mix of independent learning.

And the best thing?

They are HOLISTIC, meaning, they incorporate all subject areas - reading, writing, math, science, social studies!


If you're interested in learning more about Table Time Invitations, and are looking for more information about just HOW to homeschool your kids, I'm inviting you to come WATCH A HOMESCHOOL DEMO. 



p.s. Have you downloaded the Sudden Homeschooler's Survival Toolkit? 

If you're interested in grabbing these Table Time Invitations, AND you've enjoyed   the ideas inside this blog post series, and want to implement them in your home, you'll want to grab the “Sudden Homeschooler’s Survival PDF Toolkit" - complete with templates, ideas, invitations to play, printables, visual schedule cards, source lists, and everything you need to survive and thrive the next few weeks of school closures. 


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