Valentine's Invitations to Learn // Play // Create

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2019

L-O-V-E is in the AIR!

I love Valentine's Day for so many reasons, but mainly because they offer SWEET MOMENTS for learning.

In today's blog post, I'm sharing a few PLAY + ART-inspired ideas to get your kids engaged and learning!

1. Valentine's Day Bakery {Writing + Sensory Play}

Set out PLAY DOUGH, heart-shaped cookie cutters, loose parts and recipe books for inspiration.

Invite your kids to create menus, signs and recipes for their Bake Shop.

My favourite go-to homemade play dough recipe {that last for weeks!}


2. "Love Is" Bookmaking Ideas {Writing + Representing}

These accordion-style handmade books are a wonderful way to inspire young authors. We created a list of all the PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS we love, and added them to our envelope books.

3. Tape-Resist Valentines {Writing + Representing}

Simple, geometric painted hearts make the perfect Valentines for loved ones. Tape various lines across paper (watercolour paper works best), and paint the inner geometric compartments. Peel off tape, and Voila!

4. Love Is...Assemblage {Poetry + Art}

Use a simple "Love Is..." poetry frame to create a poem about the meaning of love, and accompanying assemblage {glued on hearts of newsprint, tin-foil, construction and even stamps} on a pastel-watercolour background. 

Love is sharing your toys.

Love is taking turns.

Love is your family.

Love is your cute puppy.

Love is home.

 5. "Love is in the Air" DIY Valentine's Cards

I first saw these on Mama.Papa.Bubba's Instagram feed, and thought they were the most fabulous idea for a quick, easy, DIY Valentine.

I have three sets available for download.

A heart-balloon {found mine at the Party Store}, a little Washi tape and you're set!

Click here to download your copies.


6. Sharpie + Watercolour Hearts

Invite your child to brainstorm and experiment with different kinds of lines: wavy, zig-zag, polka-dot, curvy, spiral... etc. Even made-up lines are fun!⁠

You can even invite them to translate those lines into pathways on the floor to inject a bit of creative movement.⁠

"Can you move across the space in a zig-zag line? Can you bounce like a polka-dot across the space?" etc. ⁠

Once your child has brainstormed different lines, have them add pattern to their own hand-drawn large heart. {Watercolor paper is the best for this!}⁠⠀

Next, use WARM watercolours to add LOVE-ly ⁠colour.⁠

These hearts are so full of character and are FRAME-WORTHY with a nice white IKEA style frame.⁠

I hope these ideas have inspired some thinking about how PLAY and ART can foster learning.



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