5 Days to a Beautiful, Organized Classroom

A 5-Day Teacher Bootcamp to streamline, de-clutter, organize and BEAUTIFY your learning environment.


Ready to Transform your Classroom?

Even if you're on a limited budget and don't know where to start, I'll be sharing tips and techniques to streamline and organize, while giving you loads of inspiration. Spring is the perfect time to get this done!

5-Day Classroom Transformation Bootcamp

Join Alana Chernecki, Reggio-inspired teacher and consultant, as you are guided step-by-step to declutter, organize and BEAUTIFY your classroom for ultimate learning, engagement, and wonder {even if you're on a limited budget!}

Here's What You'll Get...


Each day, you will receive a set of MANAGEABLE, ACTIONABLE steps to help you streamline, organize and beautify your classroom.


Discover new inspiration in organization techniques, storage solutions and child-centred designs to breathe new life to your learning environment.


An exclusive pop-up community  to connect like-minded educators who value an organized and inviting space for their students with the ultimate goal of wonder, engagement and joyful learning.

Once you've completed the Challenge...

You'll have:

  • a beautiful and inspiring classroom, the envy of fellow teachers - a space where you will LOVE to teach and spend time
  • an organizedclutter-free, beautiful classroom where everything has a home

  • students who are EXCITED to come to school each day to learn with you 

  • happier, more cooperative students who learn and play independently

  • less nagging to clean-up, and foster more ownership in kids to take responsibility

Practical Guidebook

Daily worksheets, inspiration and action-steps sent right to your inbox each morning.


Daily LIVE videos for group coaching and accountability.

"It has been liberating to free myself of “stuff” that I wasn’t using and in the process, create a calm and inviting environment. I am no longer scared to purge! Alana's vision and organization ideas have not only transformed my classroom but also my thinking about how space influences learning. I love all of her amazing ideas!!"

Grade 1/2 Teacher

"When I first met Alana, I felt stuck. I had thought about space, lighting and creating a calm environment but try as I might, I never felt that I had it the way I wanted it. When Alana came into my room, she was like a breath of fresh air! She helped me see how I could best utilize the space that I had and make changes that supported the needs of my students. I took the plunge and got rid of desks and clutter and it wasn't that hard! Now we have flexible seating, soft lighting, plants, cozy spaces and more. There is more room for movement, creativity and exploration than there ever was. Alana helped me think of our classroom space in a different way. It was fun to set up and I learned so much from her feedback. I appreciated the suggestions she gave me, as well as the samples and visuals that she provided. Our classroom environment now feels homey and relaxed and looks pretty good too!"

Grade 1/2 Teacher

"Alana created the most beautiful space for our program, always with the child in mind. Alana has a strong image of a child, she knows they are capable, confident and curious beings who love to explore rich textures and materials, in colourful and cozy spaces. The space is breathtaking!"

Pat Furman
Award winning Director, Robertson Early Enrichment Program

5-Day Classroom Transformation Bootcamp

5 Days to a Beautiful, Organized Classroom


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