Artful Teaching.

Joyful Learning.®

The all-in-one curriculum

that will have your kids asking to

“do school,” every day.

Designed for Children Ages 4-7
⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑  "The Educator's Dream" ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑
- Cara, Homeschool Mom, @Hello.Moonpie 

Meet Homeschool mom, Cara:

“We’re only three days in on adding the magic that is @artfulteaching.joyfullearning’s new curriculum to our homeschool lineup, and already it’s changed pretty much everything!

We followed Alana’s instructions to work together and come up with some shared goals for our homeschool year and ended up happy crying and hugging and teamwork-making just about the cutest doodle reminder list ever. Then we went to work on THIS: a life-sized body tracing masterpiece!

I’ve been looking for this exact thing since we started this homeschool journey four years ago and when Alana sent it over, it felt like Christmas morning! SO much beautiful, thoughtful goodness to unpack 😍😍😍 And so far every project we try is an even bigger hit than the last!

If you’ve ever wanted to homeschool, but felt overwhelmed at the thought of it or you are homeschooling currently but feel like something is missing, you should def check it out. She makes it so easy and her approach is the perfect mix of academics and play. It just feels so...meaningful.” - Cara, @Hello.Moonpie

If you’re a parent who believes in a gentle and playful approach to learning, looking for a plan to teach your child to help you homeschool in the early years...

then you already know workbooks aren't the answer.

You know you can provide more for your child than any public school, standardized curriculum or workbook….

More Time to Let Your Kids be Kids...

to reclaim the joy and wonder of childhood.

More Enriched Learning Experiences...

hands-on opportunities to explorecreate, investigate...

More Loving and Meaningful Connections...

building strong family bonds.

More Time to Follow your Child's Lead...

leaning into her natural curiosities...

More Memories You get to be part of...

re-living the magic of childhood.

But quietly you think...

I see the lovely, creative, hands-on things the other homeschool mamas are doing with their kids...
but deep down I don’t know if I have that energy or creativity, juggling all the things.
Am I going too fast?
Too slow?
Is it playful enough?
Academic enough?
Am I turning my kids off of learning?

If you feel besieged by worry and doubt about how to homeschool your child...what tone you want to set...whether you have what it takes…

You're Not Alone.

Home education is a serious commitment. Your decision to homeschool may be exciting and liberating, but at the same time a bit overwhelming and daunting. 

It’s natural to feel anxious and worried... because, after all… these are your children, and you simply want what’s best for them. You have one shot at this. 

Your children need you to feel calm. Capable. Confident.

You want to raise smart, successful, creative, well-rounded kids. You want them to be self-directed, confident learners.

You want them to love learning. 

That doesn’t just happen by accident.

You need a plan. You need a guide.


Waking up, feeling "on-top-of-it." Feeling so competent, organized, inspired and skilled…

Your kids are


{and don't even realize they're learning}

You’re ready to take this homeschool journey a long way…

You’re feeling like you’ve got this!

Your all-in-one curriculum awaits.

All-in-one, Beautifully designed Curriculum for the Whole Child

If you’ve ever felt a bit overwhelmed and uncertain, you just wish someone told you what to do, when to do it and how...

If you hate the idea of a prescriptive curriculum… forced worksheets… paper pencil tasks and prolonged periods of seat work…

Maybe you're intimidated by the idea of a creative, hands-on curriculum… all the mess… all the supplies… all the work..

If you want a child-led learning experience but need a bit of a plan and a bit of structure....

I’m here to tell you, there’s a better way, and I wish all parents knew this secret:

Artful Teaching. Joyful Learning.® brings a method that intentionally blends wonder, play, and art with authentic learning…. This is the secret to a fruitful, effective, long-lasting homeschool journey.

This is your plan. This is your guide.

"My kids can't wait to 'do school' every day."

Spend a few hours with this curriculum, and you’ll be teaching with confidence, ease and creativity in a fun, effortless way.

{You'll build a love of learning so deep, your child won't even recognize they're learning important academics!}



A beautifully laid out curriculum with 300+ pages of learning invitations. Full-colour photos to inspire and guide you as you learn alongside your child.


At-a-glance materials, checklists and book lists take the legwork out of planning.  Everything you need to get started, at your fingertips!


Easy to follow instructions and companion printables keep your child engaged, learning independently and having fun! 


Inspir{Ed} Online - a Homeschool Coaching Program to support this curriculum. The 6-module course takes you through the action-based implementation - practical "how-to" of teaching your child, including strategies to naturally and gently teach early reading, writing and math skills.

Solid Plan and Framework

We’ve taken the legwork out of planning, by offering a beautifully laid out, month-by-month curriculum framework that will save you time, energy and stress. A plan that brings ease and organization to your days as a busy homeschooling mom, helping you move just a little lighter. Just open, gather and go!

Monthly Checkists, Booklists and Activities

Everything you need to be an effective and inspiring your fingertips. This curriculum will have you planning effortlessly, with ease, intention and a splash of creativity, and assurance that your child is getting exactly what she needs.

Just open...gather...go!

Done-For-You Printables

We know it’s not all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns all day long...we know you need a break, and your kids to be able to work independently...quietly...These companion printables {Joysheets™} are connected to the hands-on learning in the curriculum and will have your kids happily and independently learning important skills and concepts.


Memories to Last a Lifetime

I know you’re balancing and juggling all the things. But don’t let your child’s most formative years of development be lost. I want you to THRIVE, not just survive these messy and imperfect moments in your homeschooling journey. You will fInd magic and joy each day, as you make beautiful lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

System for Teaching

Take the guesswork out of teaching your child to read, write and do math. As your guide, with a Masters of Education having taught hundreds of children and guided hundreds of educators, the Inspir{Ed} companion course and Coaching Program shares best practices that will inspire your children, and empower you to teach with confidence and ease. A blueprint for effective teaching, you will find everything you need to ensure your child’s academic success, backed by the latest brain research.


A curriculum that doesn’t feel like a prescriptive program. It’s the perfect plan that is flexible and organic enough to suit the needs of every family - large and small - with enough inspiration to adapt to every age. Go at your own pace...there’s no rushing childhood. and will have your kids happily learning important skills and concepts.

"I really can't thank you enough, my son, 4, nearly 5 - you may remenber me saying was very resistant to learning. Well, he's genuinely engaged and actively taking part these days. I've seen such an advance in his language skills with your ease of teaching. 
He actually wants to read!!!
Thank you doesn't quite cut it."
- Emma, Homeschool Mom

 What's Inside?

Beautifully laid out, month-by-month themes, complete with...

  • Carefully curated learning invitations that weave in learning across all domains: Literacy, numeracy, sciences, sensory, gross motor and the arts
  • Supply lists with low-cost materials (most available at the Dollar Store)
  • Book lists - rich literature to support the learning in each invitation
  • Done-for-you companion printables {Joysheets™} to reinforce learning across the curriculum
  • A Teacher Toolkit to help you teach effectively, including planners, checklists, assessments, and more. Everything you need to help you become an effective, inspiring home educator
  • Blackline Masters: games, alphabet tracers, assessments, numeral tracers, sight words, numeracy and literacy rituals
  • Research-based teaching strategies and systems to help you teach reading, writing and math
  • STEM, Entrepreneurship and Money Management skills 
  • Recipes, fingerplays, poems

PLUS, a 6-week Online Companion Course and Coaching Program to help you confidently implement the ideas and activities inside the curriculum. 

* If you were to purchase all these items individually from other sources: Stand alone books, $30 each, Teacher Toolkit $79+, Blackline Masters (not available), Joysheets™ (not available), full-colour curriculum (closest comparison to NYC enrichment programs over $30k/yr), time savings +20 hrs/week {you'll save HOURS planning, gathering materials and books, scouring Pinterest}


Your Homeschool Framework

Teaching your child can be a beautiful experience, and learning alongside your child ignites wonder and curiosity for everyone, creating deep and meaningful connection.

The Artful Teaching. Joyful Learning. suite supports you in this journey, with a straightforward plan that keeps the wonder in childhood, structure in your day, and promotes academic learning.

This all-in-one, holistic curriculum is designed to give you a blueprint to preserve your child’s wonder and curiosity and teach key academic foundations.


What's Included?

The curriculum, including 200+ pages of full-colour learning invitations and 300+ pages of PDF's and companion printables are immediately available within our online student portal. The 6-week Inspir{Ed} online course is available LIVE {or on-demand} inside the portal as well.


supply lists

book lists


Blackline Masters

Teacher Toolkit

Entrepreneurship + Money Management

STEM + Maker activities

Music + Poems


I believe children are incredibly brilliant and capable human beings, and helping parents and educators tap into their children's full potential - through an engaging, hands-on approach to learning - is my life's calling and purpose.

As a former public school teacher, I knew children deserved morebut I was locked into a rigid system, stuck in an old-fashioned model that was heavy on assessments, rigorous curriculum and efficiency.

After years of teaching, studying, reading and devouring the latest in educational research about how children learn best, earning my Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, I developed my own homeschool enrichment program, where I applied my years of research and practical experience, and implemented a play-based curriculum.

WONDER, the ARTS, NATURE and PLAY were the cornerstones of the program,

and children’s learning flourished

My mission is to help you too become the inspiring, skilled teacher your children need and deserve, giving you a PLAN and FRAMEWORK to help you teach with ease, confidence and a splash of creativity.


guest expert on...

"Artful Teaching. Joyful Learning. is a super delightful, thoughtful, thorough, fun, flexible, colorful and creative curriculum with beautiful projects that my kids enjoyed completing. It is just the right amount of learning, play and art throughout. Absolute perfection! And Alana is responsive, organized, encouraging and delightful to work with!"

Kelly, @1der.and.cre8
Homeschool mom of 3

"ATJL has helped me in our every day homeschool as a fun and easy ways to learn that seems so effortless and my daughter hardly even realizes she’s learning."

Homeschool Mom of 3

"Artful Teaching. Joyful Learning. brought new life into our homeschool days with creative ideas. This curriculum has become my go-to for planning my months - it's so easy to access and follow. This program also helped me learn more about Reggio and how to implement it for our family."

Homeschool Mom of 3

"Alana lays everything out so beautifully! Her curriculum is easy to understand and implement into our days! We love her colorful and fun approach to education and life! Her personal touch with her online workshops is so helpful and inspiring. She cares and believes in what she provides for us and it's so evident! "

Candace T.
Homeschool Mom of 3


The benefits of experiential learning are immeasurable. Research shows that we retain 75% of what we do, compared to 5% of what we hear, and 10% of what we read.

Here's What You're Getting When You Enroll in Artful Teaching. Joyful Learning.® Today!

300+ page Curriculum:

{$497 value}


✔ Joysheets™ {companion printables at your fingertips!}
✔ Blackline Masters
✔ Teacher Toolkit
✔ Beautiful, Full-Colour Curriculum

Inspir{Ed} Online Course and Homeschool Coaching Program: 

{$397 value}

includes 6 Modules:

  1. Planning and Preparation - setting up your day for success
  2. How Children Learn - and how to NOT turn them off of learning
  3. Teach your Child to Read and Write {the natural, easy way}
  4. Developing Math Learners - simple, fun games and rhythms to promote numeracy
  5. Assessment {without testing}
  6. Advanced Training: Wonder Learning - Child-led learning with a Plan

PLUS these Bonuses:

✔ Bonus 1 - Playful Learning Spaces 

{$150 value}

✔ Bonus 2 - Bookmaking to Inspire Young Writers     

{$100 value}

✔ Bonus 3 - Learn At Home Series: LIVE classes for your child

{$40 value}

Total Value: $1184

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:


Questions? Ask Away!

This is the first time this curriculum and course are being offered. As founding members, you will receive introductory pricing, an incredible value for both a full curriculum that can be used over multiple years, and companion course to receive LIVE support as you implement the lessons and activities inside the curriculum.

The investment you make in this curriculum and companion course is designed to transform your homeschool journey, from a place of worry, doubt and overwhelm to self-assurance, competence and even mastery.

By the end of the program, you will feel like an "expert" in early years education, well-equipped with research-backed strategies to move your child's learning forward. 

This all-in-one curriculum is also designed in such a way that it can be used over multiple years, and is adaptable to toddlers in tow, as well as older children needing more hands-on stimulation in their learning program. 

You will NOT need to purchase a separate writing, math or other curriculum, because ALL domains are taught and integrated in a holistic approach with proven methods.

Here's a script you can use with your partner:

"I want our child's education journey to be one of wonder, beauty and joy. But I also want to make sure I don't miss the mark in teaching her important academic skills.

I want to learn from someone who has a proven track record, having taught hundreds of students from various backgrounds, through a truly innovative approach that's going to hook our child into learning... for LIFE!


All files are digital, including a high-resolution suitable for professional printing your own handy copy.

You will receive PDF files so that you will have full control, to print as little or as much as you need, in sections or the entire document, or as many copies as you need. This comes in handy when you want to re-use certain portions of the curriculum for your other children.

Estimated printing costs from are approximately $40 for a 500 page (single-sided) document. 

*Please note that the product is for one family license, and is not to be distributed or shared. Selling or distribution of this product is strictly prohibited.

The curriculum is laid out with easy to access supply lists.

Most activities use items you already have at home, or are available at the Dollar Store.

For art supplies used throughout the year, there is a shopping list through Amazon. These supplies are estimated at under $100 for the year.

I want you and your children to have the best possible homeschool experience.

The course is designed as a supplement to the curriculum, and offers the "HOW" and "WHY" to help you implement research-based teaching strategies, and mini-tutorials for content found inside the curriculum.

The course gives you the tools in your home educator's toolkit to serve you for a lifetime of joyful teaching, and the framework to become an exceptional educator for your children.

The  6-week online course covers 6 modules, one per week, taken at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the course.

Modules include:


1. Planning and preparation

Finding your rhythm and planning for learning. How, what, when, where why of day planning and longterm planning, and setting up playful learning routines to make teaching easier and more predictable

2. Image of the Child

A closer look at how your child learns:  Brain Science and Developmental Needs 

3. Teaching your Child to Read and Write

Playful systems and rhythms for promoting literacy

4. Developing Math Learners

Easy strategies to promote math learning (the fun way)

5. Assessment

Where is your child at, and where do they need to go?

Advanced Training: Wonder-Learning. How to use your child’s interests and curiosities across the curriculum


Playful Learning Spaces

How to design a space for ultimate engagement and optimal learning

This curriculum is based on universal values such as kindness, generosity, honesty and responsibility. While it is a secular curriculum, faith-based elements can be easily incorporated into the activities.


All children are capable. My approach is one of inclusivity, so no matter the age, learning style, developmental or cognitive ability, the curriculum is one that address the whole child, and is easily adapted. 

The problem with traditional curricula is the heavy focus on paper-pencil/seat-work tasks. All learners are experiential, and learn by doing, experiencing and reflecting on experience. This curriculum is designed for all children to achieve success.

The curriculum has its roots in a Reggio-Inspired approach to early learning. One that sees children as highly capable, with an innate desire to learn. This approach is based on a Constructivist stance, that children actively make meaning of their world through experience, social interaction and reflection.

That said, rich literature and outdoor exploration {Charlotte Mason}, as well as invitations to learn {Montessori}, and following the child's lead {Unschooling} all play a big part in this curriculum as well.

All sales are final. Due to the digital nature of our product, there are no exchanges or refunds. Please consider carefully if this is a good fit for your child prior to purchase.

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